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Still in the setting of the 52nd independence anniversary, while on my means from Lagos to Kwara state, while listening and checking out a book to music and MP3 messages from my phone with the earphone glued to my ears, I spared some minute thinking about my precious country, Nigerian and her journey up until now. For a nation that is blessed with wonderful resources in human, material and natural deposits but things are not in correct shape in the middle of the 'abundance'.

It is the conviction of numerous that Nigeria has trouble(s) or much better still Nigeria is not running at the level she ought to as an independent country. A 52 year old for that matter!

I choose not to belong to such college of idea that Nigeria has issue(s). I belong to a various college of thought which thinks that Nigeria does not have problems. Nigerians have issues and have actually effectively infected the innocent Nigeria with their issues. And as a result of this, Nigeria has actually become a victim of Nigerians problems.

It is a sorry state to be in such a predicament triggered by the residents of such a blessed land- blessed with all kinds of resources in abundance. But due to the short-sightedness of the people the abundance resources have become rare and this verifies the stating that, exactly what a man sees identifies (to a huge degree) how he acts and relates to live.

I will discuss about 5 to 6 of the so called troubles affixed to Nigeria by her occupants or citizens.

Corruption: You'll concur with me that the number one trouble on the lips of most people if asked exactly what the significant issue of 'Nigeria' is, corruption would be the feedback of well over 80 %. It is a horrible situation/experience- where things are not done in the regular way, the absence of integrity in dealing with situations and individuals, not being straight in dealing with people. And as an outcome, Nigeria is concerned as one of the most corrupt nation in the world, no thanks to Nigerians.

Absence of Maintenance Culture: I was left disappointed when I saw the pictures (slides) of the present state of the National Stadium (Abuja)… I learned the stadium was constructed with about N50 billion just about 9years ago exactly in 2003 for the 2003 all Africa games hosted by Nigeria … and to put it back in a 'proper shape' for football matches it'll cost about N100 million … when are we going to stop squandering money and resources … It's a sad story. This is just one amongst many centers that have actually fallen sufferer of the Nigerian absence of maintenance attitude which is doing us more damage than excellent.

3. Visit Aaron's website by going here - http://www.rav.eti.br/ravwiki/index.php?title=Entertainment_Gist. Selfishness: Stinginess resulting from a concern for your very own welfare and a neglect of others. Nigeria has suffered a lot in the hands of selfish individuals who proclaim themselves as leaders. Leaders who have done absolutely nothing but improve their wallet at the expenditure of those they claim to be standing for (serving). Individuals and leaders who are concerned about no one will never heed to the requirements of the masses. This is the reason you'll see a public servant diverting the general public fund into his personal account.

4. Hypocrisy: My dictionary defines hypocrisy as, insincerity by virtue of making believe to have qualities or beliefs that you do not truly have. This is an additional strange feature of Nigerians specifically those who declare to be spiritual leaders, it's a pity most of them have offered their conscience for a piece of meat. Those who are implied to speak senses into the “heads” of this bunch of selfish Nigerians who have turned themselves to 'god' forgetting the truth that “nothing lasts for life”. Isn't a man of integrity expected to act and talk what he says?

5. Bad Leadership: In the words of Dr Myles Munroe, 'everything rises and falls on leadership', Nigeria is one of the most blessed countries on world earth when it involves human resources. It is a pity that she's suffered from one succession of bad administration to an additional because 1960 (when she became an independent state). In spite of the abundance of human resources, Nigeria has actually suffered significantly in the hands of individuals who know little or nothing about leadership- people who think leadership is everything about oppressing the leaders and masses having their method. On the contrary, the finest means to lead is to serve; a leader is expected to stand for the general public and not his individual interest.

I suggest that any prospect striving for any political office or selected to occupy any office ought to undertake an obligatory institution of leadership-where such person will be taught what leadership is everything about. Instead of coming up and abusing power and position, not having any concept of exactly what he/she is expected to do as a leader.

Having stated all these, there is no desperate circumstance except for the lifeless. In as much as there is life, all hope is not yet lost. A change of attitude is for that reason demanded from us as people and fellow compatriots. Let us alter our personality towards our nation and approach national problems with passion and patriotism just like our heroes past. And above all, let the worry of GOD guide our hearts in whatever we do. A guy who is afraid God will not treat an additional guy terribly and will not hesitate to do what he's elected or designated to do. And I have to stress at this point that, all Nigerians have a component to play in this fight and the recovering the lost pride and dignity of our beloved country, Nigeria. God Bless Nigeria!