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Folks call me Ana and I originate from South Carolina in the United States - I am a student majoring in Veterinary Medicine and also I operate a site about Producing Colloidal Silver, and other complementary therapy related problems.A silver generator is necessary if you want to make homemade colloidal silver and you can use it to treat sicknesses like kidney infections, prostatitis and dermatitis. Colloidal silver is electrically set-apart silver that is recent and safe silver for intake by people. Distilled aqua suspension and electrolysis are what makes the silver ions and small silver powder. The immune system grows stronger by this concoction, so by eating this we will not be as unwell. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses cannot last the strong antibiotic colloidal silver. Unlike some antibiotics, which can render injury to the liver and kidneys, colloidal silver is safe. Humans to help combat sicknesses without worry of harm can have colloidal silver. This kind of silver should not be connected with other silver medications, which carry chemical and mechanically concocted silver dust or powder. This silver is formulated by use of a colloidal silver generator and distilled water. It can be created at home. This is a robust mineral for the body, however if too much of the silver dust is ingested a condition called Argyria, or “grayish skin” can occur.