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The fastest, most economical way to succeed as an affiliate marketer is as simple as building highly targeted websites specific to the market or product you're promoting. If you do this right, Google will thank you with first page positioning, and potentially offer you thousands of customers every month totally free to you. It's like obtaining a storefront in a busy shopping mall and not having to pay rent. Good websites are designed on the first step toward highly relevant keywords. With Google producing an incredible number of leads to fractions of seconds, happened just need to choose relevant keywords, and also keywords that there is a shot at ranking for. To explain that the keyphrase research tool may benefit you I'm going to explain to you what my market and keyword research accustomed to seem like, then I'll check out what it really appears to be now. The way I accustomed to do market and keyword research looked something similar to this: Once I had all the details stated previously I'd then should carefully evaluate it. I'd search for keywords that were highly relevant, looked for frequently, along as few competitors as you possibly can. I'd check to ensure that your competition were built with a low average page rank. I used a Firefox add-on called SEO Quake to look up page ranking, and after that I would just take the superior 10 recent results for a certain keyword, add them together, and divide by 10. An average competitor page rank of 3 or less was ideal. I'd plug all this information into one massive spreadsheet and review each potential keyword individually. Most keywords were no good. So I'd spend hour after hour reviewing a huge selection of worthless keywords to locate a few good ones. Now that I've found a good niche research tool, the procedure looks like this: The Keyword research tool gathers all of the data I stated earlier, takes all of it into mind and assigns each keyword a color based on its quality. Worthless keywords are red, along with the best keywords are green. The average quality keywords vary shades of yellow. If I wish to check a keyword's availability as being a website name, I just click 'Domain' as well as the software does that for me personally too. Visit Mariam's web resource by going here - The invaluable yet essential technique of keyword research that employed to take me hours to perform can now be completed in minutes.