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To get your web content to the top of the search engines like google, you will have to look for a niche on your subject material. By a little bit of market and keyword research, you can find a niche by choosing the non-competitive search phrase that gets a respectable level of searches. Google's keyword research tools can assist you in locating your niche by data on what many user searches you'll find for potential phrases and exactly how many competing sites you can find for your keyword. Google's three main market and keyword research tools are: Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Wonder Wheel, and Google Insights. GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL: Google Adwords offers a free keyphrase research tool accessible to everyone regardless if you are using Google's paid for advertising methods or otherwise. Find it at htt.ps://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal. You can use it to determine how many times the preferred phrase is seeked out. Visit this page for more http://wiki.chemeddl.org/mediawiki/index.php/User_talk:KendallRt. Just enter your phrase and the tool will process the number of local and global user searches you can find each month, PPC competition, and local search trends. This is not the right tool and I would not depend on it solely to own a marketing campaign. For one, it won't supply SEO competition data. Seo Competition is the amount of webpages in Google's index that includes a certain search term. In short, it's overall competition for a search term. You will have to have this data on your own on everyone of your prospective keywords if you're planning on by using these google tools. (To get the SEO competition for any certain phrase you need to enter it inside google search. When you do that, put your phrase in quotation marks.) The second problem with this Google keyword research tool is that it gives a small selection of of precise alternate phrases.

You can find other keyphrase research tools that can generate 800+ related keywords though the adwords tool produces only 100 results. GOOGLE WONDER WHEEL: A new resource Google offers could be the Wonder Wheel tool. Although this tool was created primarily to prepare and simplfy internet search engine results, in addition, it can be used for productive keyword suggestions.To access the Wonder Wheel tool, you'll enter your keywords inside search engine like usual. Once the results display, look at to the left column and select “show search tools”. After that, click the (you guessed it) “wonder wheel” link. After the link is selected you will notice the preferred keyword or search phrase encircled by relevent terms (hence the wheel). If you visit one of these outside keyword terms it's going to be divided into additional subcategories. This gives you an idea on some from the most searched-for phrases on the Internet. GOOGLE INSIGHTS:“Insights” is the one other Google market and keyword research tool to help you spot trends. If you enter a particular term you recruit a line chart displaying the interest of the keyword as time passes along with a forecast of the amount of users may search for it inside the near future. For instance when I entered “Ipod” into the Insights tool, I saw that this overall searches for “ipod” are actually decreasing since it reached it's peak in 2005. I also noticed a huge rise of searches for your keyword around the winter holiday. It's a good tool to determine what's gaining and losing popularity. IMPLEMENTING ADWORDS W WONDERWHEEL: When using Google keyword-research tools, I recommend while using the Wonder Wheel to discover some potential keyword terms first. Once you find good quality ones, Google-search the phrases (within parnethesis) to obtain your SEO competition. If the SEO competition is manageable to suit your needs, go ahead and enter the term in to the Adwords tool to get the user searches a month. In theory, you'll want to find that particular keyword with all the highest quantity of user searches compared to it's SEO competition. Happy Hunting!